Alessandro A. Palmitessa

PEM : Palmitessa - Erario - Mertin

PEM is a Cologne-based Italian-German trio devoted to contemporary avant-garde jazz. Their music blends a unique stylistic freedom with the musicians' enormous energy and drive. The result is an extraordinary interplay between lyrical intensity and creative tunes and rhythms.

Alessandro Palmitessa. The award-winning Italian saxophonist regularly plays at international jazz festivals.
He has done many recordings for television and radio broadcasts.

Cosimo Erario. Guitarist, composer and producer. Besides working on various TV shows, Erario has played in several bands which have toured all over the European continent.

Holger Mertin. Percussionist and drummer. Mertin has studied ethnomusicology in Cologne and London. Apart from doing international studio work and playing concerts in jazz and world music, he has recorded for film and television.


Foto by F.Zanettini